Reverend Julius Del Pino
Rev. Julius Del Pino, Ph. D.
Blank Person
Cathy Mitchinson
Office Administrator
Angela Campbell
Angela Campbell
Office Assistant
Lee Pelton
Lee Erwin Pelton, LPC
Organist and Chancel Choir Director
Gary Brandt
Gary Brandt
9 AM Music and
Common Grace Director
Nancy Petrie
Nancy Petrie
Bell Choir Director
Adrienne Jablonski
Adrienne Jablonski
Nursery Supervisor
Blank Person
Roma Corey
Nursery Assistant
Blank Person
Joel Gordinier
  2017 Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) Members

Carol Cerny
Dave Dutton
Tony Jablonski
Dick Kangas
Mary Manning
Amanda Norris – Vice Chair
Jim Scrimger – Chair
Jessica Smith

If you have any questions or issues pertaining to any staff member or staffing policy of the church, please contact one of the Staff Parish Relations Committee members.


Carol Capell
Vice Chairperson
Sallie Farrell
Recording Secretary
Mary Manning
Lay Leader
Craig Cheney
Karen Lawcock
Payroll Treasurer
Randy Middleton
Financial Secretary
Lay Member to Annual Conference
Tom Cerney & Jim Scrimger
Alt Lay Members to Annual Conference
Melinda Elmore-Hajek
Members to District Conference (2)
Donna Hedding
District Board of Missions
Tom Cerny
Finance Chairperson
Jim Scrimger
Staff Parish Relations Chairperson
Virginia Sullivan & Frank Skinner
Trustee Chairpersons
Education Chairperson
Youth Council Chairpersons
Carol Cerny
CARE Chairperson
Donna Hedding
Outreach & Ecumenical Co-Chairperson
Susie Hagenstein
Worship & the Arts Chairperson
Jean Johnson
Memorials & Special Gifts Chairperson
Jim Scrimger
Endowment Fund Chairperson
RaeDeane Middleton
Memorial Garden Chairperson
Susie Hagenstein
UMW President
UMM President
Sally & Dennis Keeney
Seasoned Citizens Chairpersons
Stewardship Committee Chairperson
Amanda Norris
Website Administrator
Gail Lutton
Coffee Hour Committee