November 2018 Connection

Be Thankful for Dreams
Over the last decade of my life a spiritual passage by the Old Testament Prophet Joel has become more and more important and helpful to me. It has helped me to embrace a life filled with hope and promise. You will perhaps recall the words recorded in Joel: God says, “I will pour our my spirit onto all flesh. Your older people, they will see visions.”  I am really moved by this idea. I like it because I can see it very clearly —- God’s sweet spirit pouring out onto all human flesh. Take note and see how we are being imbued, we are being saturated, with the divine….the divine energy that gives us abundant life without cost, because the cost has already been paid. The divine energy —–God, the Christ spirit—- abides in every one of us. Hallelujah!…..God be praised.
God gives us the energy, and there is an expectation with it—that we older people, we who qualify for Medicare, who can ride the bus or train for reduced fair, who can get into movies cheaper than anybody else, God expects us to keep dreaming. All of us must keep stretching and finding ways for the destiny God put inside of each one of us – unique to only YOU – to be fulfilled, so we can continue to radiate God’s full, abundant and rich life through our love for Him and Jesus the Christ. Each one of us has the Holy Spirit within, it’s time to let that shine. No time is better than at Thanksgiving. Lord we are so thankful and grateful for your Spirit within us.
Regardless of how much time we have—- a day, a year, ten or twenty years, whatever it is, we need to set fire to our dreaming. Then, when we lay our heads to rest at last, we die soaring with the seeds of our dream planted for the younger ones to bring to fruition.
And what about the young people? God excites and energizes young people by giving them visions. The young are the visionaries. They have more time to do what needs to be done, and they also dream the big dreams, the impossible dreams. The dreamers of the impossible dreams build bridges to the possible. They actively build bridges to the future.
Give them a chance and they will show you and me how they can and will do it. We need to support the visions and dreams these young people have. Do any of you remember that little girl – little spitfire up at the front of the church during Word for the Children on Children’s Sabbath? She popped off a mature understanding of Jesus and the Bible like popcorn! I thought “look at this girl go”.
At this time of Thanksgiving with family and friends – a time of deep gratitude for the abundant living Christ encourages us to have – lets continue to encourage each other to make vocal and real each others’ visions and dreams: the oldest to the youngest.
Our seminary intern Eric Carlson’s class on The Good and Beautiful Life, the author writes about Jesus invitation to all to “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near”. The Greek word for repent (metanoia) means “change your mind!  “Change the way you have been thinking — a life of intimacy and interaction with God is now in your midst.” (pg 37) The time to abide in God is NOW. The time to be thankful is NOW. The time to make your dreams a reality is NOW. In Jesus name, expect great things to happen that will transform this church and community. 
In hope and in love,
Julius E. Del Pino, Ph.D., Pastor
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