April 2019 connection pic

April 2019 Connection

April 2019 connection pic
This and That from Dr. J. 
When I see and sense what is happening here at GBUMC, I am convinced more than ever that this community and this world needs GBUMC. This congregation is needed to give hope and healing beyond the confines of our church walls. We are a church that cares about each other, and we are learning how to extend our care to strangers and those beyond our walls.
This congregation is poised to lead boldly in effectively transforming the world. Who will make this possible? YOU! You are needed. Will you answer the call and gladly participate in strengthening the ministries for God’s church?
Your time, energy and faith will help us develop creative new programs to keep ministries alive and relevant. Your own commitment will inspire others to move off the side lines to join in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • How can you support your church?
  • Engage your church in as many ways as possible
  • Help form a social justice ministry team
  • Attend morning worship as often as possible
  • Volunteer to teach our children and youth
  • Attend a bible class or a book study to deepen your faith
  • Ask questions about how the vision (Friends in Christ exercising Love, Hope and Grace to enrich all lives)           of this local church is impacting people’s lives
  • Actively invite people to worship here at GBUMC
  • Support the church’s budget generously and the specific ministries close to your heart
  • Believe that your church, with prayer and God’s help, can and will make a useful difference in this                       community
If you have questions about how we can expand the church’s ministries, or how you can get involved, please talk to me or a member of the Vision Team. We would be happy to have a conversation with you on how we can build upon our church’s ministries.
May the sweetness of the Holy Spirit give you peace and hope for the journey ahead!
Julius E. Del Pino, Pastor
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