Sermon Take Aways – Ready, Willing, and Able

Luke 15:11-32

Sermon take-aways:  God’s love is recklessly extravagant (prodigal). He is ready, willing and able to love and accept us back into new life.


The definition of the word “Prodigal” is “being recklessly extravagant.“ This parable points not so much to the younger son being prodigal in living, as it does to the father being prodigal in loving.

This parable says God is recklessly extravagant when it comes to loving us! We can do nothing to earn nor are there any limitations or restrictions to God’s love.

This parable affirms the uniqueness and beauty of Christianity in that God never gives up on anyone.

This parable reminds us that no matter how far away from home you are…how broken you are… God is always ready, willing and able to accept you and heal you into wholeness!


Sermon Take Aways – The Bread of Life

Matthew 26:26-29

World Wide Holy Communion

Sermon take-aways:

In scripture, bread is the symbol of Forgiveness; of Compassion; of Revelation

In scripture, bread is the symbol of forgiveness. In New Testament time, when people were at odds with one another and then reconciled, the joy of coming together was celebrated and sealed by the breaking of bread together.
In scripture, bread is the symbol of compassion. The compassion of Jesus makes it possible for us to face the nature of our sin. It helps us to really understand the sacrifice He made for us. Our brokenness is able to transform from despair to hope.
In scripture, bread is the symbol of revelation. Revelation means to make clear, or to make known. In Luke 24:13-35, the risen Jesus comes upon two disciples walking the Emmaus road in great despair. As He walks along with them they do not recognize Him. It is not until they ask Him to share a meal, and He breaks the bread, that they finally realize its Jesus. He is made known to them in the breaking of bread. It was a symbol of forgiveness, compassion and revelation!
When we partake of the Lord’s Supper, Jesus feeds us with his grace and forgiveness. We enter into communion with him and with one another.