December 2019

Joy, Joy For Christ will be born

Greetings to all of you in this most blessed season. Advent is here!
The season of Advent (coming, arrival) is a time of preparation and inner exploration. The coming of the Christ child brings hope to all Christians around the world, for what we and the world might become. The retail stores usually begin advertising for Christmas before Halloween, but the church’s time of preparation focuses on the four Sundays that precede Christmas.
The altar paraments are purple, the liturgical color for the penitential, preparing seasons of Advent and Lent. Advent lessons and prayers are filled with images of light and watchfulness. Remember, the theme of Advent is repentance and change. As we change our lives to meet the Christ child, we experience the blessed assurance that no matter what difficulties we face in life, God in Christ will always be there for us and will see us through. We can claim that promise, and we can live in that confidence. This is the “Good News” of Advent and Christmas – God’s seeking, sustaining, sacrificial love.
Make worship your priority during Advent. Be more generous with the resources God has given to you. Join an adult Bible class and be sure and invite a friend or a stranger to attend one of our Christmas Eve services. Pray for your church that God will use each of us to take the spirit of Christ out of the manager and into those places where people are hurting and yearning for love, grace, and hope.
God be with you on this Advent journey!
Rev. Julius E. Del Pino
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