January 2020 Connection

Happy New Year!

Believe it, a new year has just started. New hopes and dreams will be cast in 2020. New ideas will surface to sustain the vision of GBUMC. Expect change to occur.
As we contemplate change, I encourage each of you to begin thinking about how we can become more clear and committed to making new disciples for taking Christ’s love, justice and healing into this community. Perhaps one area of emphasis will be to compassionately represent our vision to those who have left the church—-not just this church —-but any church.
A colleague of mine sent me the following diagram that offers reasons why people have left the church. George Barna, a reputable church consultant and researcher gathered this statistical data that has significant merit and is credible. Please take the time to study it carefully.
In closing, I want to have this last thought for your prayerful reflection. Stay hopeful and positive. Keep reaching out to this community. Continue to exude a gentle and loving spirit to all who come through these doors. Talk about how much God is blessing this congregation and not be reluctant to share those blessings with strangers and friends. And be prepared to step up to lead in an area of ministry that feeds your soul! Be ready to change and grow!
In the Name of Jesus!
Julius E. Del Pino, Pastor
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