September 2019 Connection

Great Things Happen Here

As a congregation we are fortunate and blessed to have such dedicated and spirit-filled lay leadership. This past summer we had a successful VBS led by Jessica Smith and Christy Waters that reached beyond our walls and into our community and touched the lives of children from all walks of life.
As we worshiped in one service, many experienced the richness of song and spirit as individuals collectively celebrated their faith. We were inspired by Common Grace by holding our second annual Worship in the Park. The result of this was once again, several families are now worshiping with us at GBUMC.
Thanks to the dynamic leadership of Shelly Rice, Jennifer Lengyel and Val Wise the new Christian Education Program coined “J.A.M.” (Jesus and Me) will launch on Rally Sunday, September 8. The Christian Education Training session and Christian Education Picnic on Sunday, August 11 attracted a number of people who responded to the urgent need to implement an organized program that requires very little time or preparation on the part of those in the classroom. Most of the work is done for the classroom managers ahead of time by a new member who has recently joined the church.
We all expect that Great Things will Continue to Happen Here. What do I mean by that?
  1. . We will continue to grow in worship attendance which positively impacts education, outreach and community involvement
  2. We will continue to reach and minister to those who are home-bound, sick and those in nursing homes.
  3. We will, together, discover ways to raise incoming funds to meet all identified ministry needs in the congregation.
  4. We will continue to offer leadership training to those called to serve in leading this church forward.
  5. We will support the Vision team as it continues to create a path for continual spiritual growth.
I ask all of you now to prayerfully be open to God’s prompting how these needs can be met.
Great things have happened and will continue to happen as we truly believe God has a purpose and plan for this congregation.
I invite each and every one right now to move into the GREAT zone starting today.
Julius E. Del Pino, Ph.D.
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